College and Career Readiness

Are you ready for college? Do you know your career options after high school?

Helping aspiring teenagers transition to life after high school. Students will learn the principles of entrepreneurship, the behaviors to be successful in the workforce, and how to get into college and stay in college. Unfortunately, when I attended college I was not prepared for the educational, emotional, social and cultural challenges I would endure and had difficulty adjusting.

After the completion of my freshman year, I had to take a mandatory leave of absence for not meeting the university's minimum academic standards. Today 30% of freshmen drop out of college and do not return. With this customized curriculum, students will learn the expectations of going to college, staying in college, and life after college. An important goal of this curriculum is to work with local business leaders to give our students an opportunity to do internships, spend a “Day in the Life” of an executive, and receive mentoring from them upon completion of this course. This will help with equity as their counterparts get a head start by benefiting from these business relationships in their communities.


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