Martin Vaughn

Director, Management Consulting

Martin Vaughn is a Senior Business Development Executive and a Director with Alvarez & Marsal in their Financial Industry Advisory Services, (FIAS) Division. Mr. Vaughn utilizes his Wall Street relationships and experience to identify new market opportunities that will drive market expansion and revenue growth. In his most recent assignment with Alvarez & Marsal, he worked as an independent consultant assisting in preparing a major money center bank for an Office of the Comptroller of Currency examination.

Penn's 1st Black Starting Quarterback 

These days, exciting Black quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Deshaun Watson are dominating the NFL and revolutionizing the position. But for a long time, Black quarterbacks remained a rarity even as Black players commonly occupied other positions. “Part of it was ignorance and racism,” says Vaughn, who claims that he was encouraged to switch to wide receiver throughout his time playing high school football in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. “Even in my senior year, they kept trying to bring up guys to take my position. My mother always said, ‘You have to be twice as good to get an opportunity.’”


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